Best Websites To Learn Coding For Free

Learn Coding

Hey guys welcome to in this post I am going to tell you the Best Websites To Learn Coding For Free so let’s get started 

If you are a beginner programmer or learning programming, software development, and software engineering, and want to learn coding on your own in your free time and hence looking for some good websites and resources, then you have come to the right place.  

So In this article, I am going to share the 7 Best Websites To Learn Coding For Free using which you can take some time out of your office and homework and learn coding and programming comfortably.

Best Websites To Learn Coding For Free


Learn Coding1

If you want to learn to code online!  So you can learn from the Codecademy website!

Codecademy is the most popular website for learning to code!  The great thing about this website is this!  Not only that its interface is good!  Rather, courses related to coding are also well made in them!

After visiting the homepage of this website, you have to log in!  You can log in to this with your Gmail account or Facebook account!

You can learn programming languages ​​like Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, here!

Instructions are also given along with explaining the code in each lesson!  Don’t worry if you start making mistakes while writing your code!  Because here you will get alerts as well as hits!


Learn Coding2

CodeAvengers is designed in a very user-friendly way!

Here you can learn about HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript!  Every course on this website is very carefully designed!

This website will give you a lot of entertainment along with learning to code!  In fact, at the end of the course, you’ll get a little game to play!  So that you can finish the step of learning to code!

If you are just starting to learn to code!  So you can play with coding by carefully reading the interactions given here!  This is the biggest quality of this website!  Along with learning to code, you can easily learn to create web pages, apps, and games here!


Learn Coding3

After completing courses from Codecademy and CodeAvengers, you can visit the website of code school to improve your coding skills further!

This website’s coding course can further strengthen your coding skills!

Here you can learn programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and IOS in a good way!

The course on this website is very useful!  And it’s made so well!  As you keep learning the course of this website, your coding will become difficult!

You will also get answers and hits while learning to code!  Most of the courses offered here are free!  Nevertheless, there are some such courses here too!  For which you read to pay money!


Learn Coding4

The course language on this website is very good as well as very advanced!

Here you can learn how to make a website application very easily by getting started!  Along with creating applications, here you can learn to create interactive websites, WordPress them too!  Along with this, you can also learn the language used in them!  And many more things you can learn on this website!  Like- HTML, CSS, Ruby, IOS, Android, Ux, etc. Every course here is divided into different stages and models!  Apart from the free courses here, many other courses are taught with money!


Learn Coding5

This is also a popular website!  Where fun games and games related to programming languages ​​are given!

Here you can learn about Java Script, Animation, DataStructure, and Game Making!  Apart from this, you will also find many types of tasks here!  Whom you will be asked to salvage!

Here you can learn things related to computer science!  Here the teacher tool is also provided!  There are also tools like Made for Beginners, IndividualSupport, and Have Fun Learning!


Learn Coding6

If you want to learn SQL programming language!  So on this website, you will find a lot of things related to it!

The interface of this website is also very interactive!  As you go on learning this website!  By the way, your levels will become very hard!  But note that the course on this website is very good!  And it will help you a lot!

If you complete the course from this website!  So for sure, you will know a lot about SQL!


Learn Coding7

Udacity is a video lecture programming website!  And here programming language is taught through video!

Students who do not like to read!  Video lectures have been given to them on this website!  You have also been given a screencast of the topic interactions related to the coding course!

Programming task is also played on this website!  You can strengthen your programming skills even more by participating in that task!

More videos-tutorials have been given on this website than on other websites!  And that video was created by an expert on tutorial interaction!

Every video has been tried to be made like this!  So that even a normal student can understand!  Overall, this website is a perfect place for you to learn programming languages ​​online!


So guys in this post I told you Top 7 Best Websites To Learn Coding For Free I hope you like this post.

Thanks For Reading.

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