How to Fix Crossfire Not Working in Betaflight

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Crossfire is a popular long-range radio communication system used in FPV (First Person View) drones. It is known for its reliable, low-latency signal that enables pilots to fly their drones at greater distances without worrying about signal loss.

But sometimes Crossfire may not work properly in Betaflight, which is a popular open-source software used to configure and control FPV drones. In this article, we will discuss some common reasons why Crossfire may not work in Betaflight and how to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Fix Crossfire Not Working in Betaflight

1. Incorrect configuration

The most common reason why Crossfire may not work in Betaflight is incorrect configuration. To use Crossfire with Betaflight, you will have to configure the UART port where the Crossfire receiver is connected. This can be done through the Betaflight configurator by going to the Ports tab and then selecting the correct UART port. If you select the incorrect UART port or have not configured it correctly, Crossfire may not work properly.

To fix this issue, check the Betaflight configurator and make sure that you have selected the correct UART port and have configured it correctly. You can also check the Crossfire manual or contact the manufacturer for more assistance.

2. Low battery voltage

Another probable reason why Crossfire does not work in Betaflight is the low battery voltage. When the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold level, the Crossfire receiver might not function properly. This is because Crossfire requires a certain amount of voltage to maintain a stable connection.

To fix this issue, Don’t forget to make sure that your drone’s battery is fully charged before flying. You can also use a battery voltage monitor to keep track of the battery voltage during flight.

3. Interference

Impedance from different sources, for example, close Wi-Fi organizations, electrical cables, or other electronic gadgets can likewise make Crossfire not work as expected. Obstruction can cause a frail or unsound sign, which can promptly sign misfortune and, surprisingly, an accident.

To fix this issue, try flying your drone in an area where there is little interference. You can also use a Crossfire antenna with a higher gain to improve signal strength and reduce interference.

4. Outdated firmware

Obsolete firmware on your Crossfire module or beneficiary can likewise make Crossfire not work in Betaflight. This is on the grounds that fresher forms of Betaflight may not work with old variants of Crossfire firmware.

To fix this issue, make sure that your Crossfire module and receiver are running the latest firmware version. You can download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website and use the Betaflight configurator to update your Crossfire firmware.


Crossfire is a reliable and powerful radio communication system used in FPV drones. However, it may not work in Betaflight due to incorrect configuration, low battery voltage, interference, or outdated firmware. By following the solutions outlined above, you can troubleshoot and fix these issues and enjoy a stable and reliable Crossfire connection in Betaflight.

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