Guide to Fixing Sony TV Dimming & Brightness Issue

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Sony TVs are among the most popular television brands. But they are not without their issues. Many Sony TV owners have found themselves frustrated with dimming screens, blurry pictures, and other screen problems that crop up from time to time.

Some people face sony’s tv brightness keeps changing while watching Netflix. While it is generally easier to just buy a new TV when something goes wrong, luckily there are ways to troubleshoot and fix your Sony TV’s problem with relative ease.

This article covers how to fix your Sony TV’s automatic dimming and other screen issues, so you don’t have to shell out the cash on an expensive replacement.

Types of Sony TV

Sony offers dozens of different LCD, LED, plasma, and projection TVs. These devices vary greatly in terms of size, resolution, connectivity options, and picture quality.

Because Sony is one of the biggest television manufacturers in existence, it is important that you know what type of TV you are dealing with before attempting a repair on a specific model or series.


Since TVs aren’t one-size-fits-all products, and different people want different types of TVs, it helps to understand why you might pick a certain kind over another.

Plasma, LED, and LCD are three distinct options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at each one and see what sets them apart and why you would want one of each.

  • LCD: Liquid crystal display televisions have been around since 1992, but they’ve only recently become more popular than their two main competitors. In terms of quality, LCD is superior to both plasma and LED in terms of brightness and color accuracy, however, they do tend to be on the bulkier side.
  • LED: Light-emitting diode televisions are known for their high contrast ratios and deep blacks. That makes sense because LEDs use light to create colors rather than liquid crystals like LCDs do. However, LEDs also tend to be pretty bulky, so if you are looking for something sleek or portable, LED may not be your best bet.

Sony TVs are known to have issues with screen dimming and other picture quality problems In LCD and LED both. However, these are the two most common screen issues in Sony TVs.

Sony Screen Background Dimming Explained

Dimming is an important feature of modern televisions, especially those with LED/LCD screens.

 The idea is that certain parts of a video clip may be too bright for a typical living room, so instead of completely blowing out all of a scene’s lighting you can instead adjust its brightness on-the-fly.

As you move through different scenes, your television will shift dynamically between varying degrees of brightness, giving you optimal picture quality no matter what video content is currently playing.

While switching channels on a Sony Bravia TV, some users will notice that their screen is darkening slightly, or dimmed. When they switch back to their original channel, sometimes their brightness returns. While some users think it is a defect in their television set, many others aren’t so sure.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue on your own, without paying Sony or another technician any money. The fix for both LCD and LED is the same for sony TV. But firstly, we have to understand what causes them. And of course, we will know the fixes as well.

What happens when Screen Dimming Automatically in Sony LCD/LED:

The SONY LCD can automatically dim its screen when it senses a dark scene on TV. This is supposed to help save some energy but sometimes it causes screen problems like:

  • Dimming during program watching.
  • Screen shut down unexpectedly.
  • The screen shuts down with on-screen audio still playing.
  • There is no Power On/Off button or you have accidentally pressed the POWER button, which then causes shutdown.

Solutions for fixing screen Dimming Automatically in SONY LCD/LED:

If you find that automatic screen dimming on Sony TVs isn’t working as expected, here are some fixes to get things back to normal again.

  • Fix 1: Adjust settings Go into your TV settings menu and make sure that you Press the HOME button, then select Settings. Select System Settings → General Set-up → Illumination LED → the desired option.
  • Fix 2: Reset television screen saver time can be reset by switching off your television using its remote control and then switching it back on again.
  • Fix 3: Update firmware The latest firmware update might resolve any problems with automatic screen dimming on Sony TVs. Therefore, check for an update via your television’s settings menu. If there isn’t an update available, try searching online for information about any known bugs with automatic screen dimming and whether they have been fixed in recent updates.
  • Fix 4: Enable Energy-Saving Mode Sometimes, simply enabling energy-saving mode solves all your problems. To do so, go into your television’s settings menu and look for an option called ‘energy saving mode’ or ‘eco mode’. Once activated, energy-saving mode reduces power consumption and may prevent automatic screen dimming from kicking in too soon.
  • Fix 5: if you have doubt that it is a software or hardware issue which is not your fault then, try to contact help support of Sony TV or you can go to the nearest Sony TV service center for help. If all things went good then your TV may be replaced with new TV of the same model or they will just replace some hardware parts within a few days. If it is a Software issue then they will try to update or reinstall the software of the TV to remove bugs.

Steps to Turn off auto brightness in sony Bravia

Sony Bravia is one of the most famous series on the TV of Sony company, And people also face sony Bravia auto-dimming, the specific feature is called the light sensor it may be on or off which affects brightness. so to access that Here are the steps to access Auto brightness settings.

Press the HOME button, then select Settings. Select System Settings → General Set-up → Illumination LED → the desired option.

Other screen issues in Sony TV

If you are experiencing problems with screen flicker, if one-half of your screen appears distorted White screen, or if Sony TV is too bright these may not be technological malfunctions.

Rather, a number of factors can create false impressions that either one side or a section of your screen is faulty.

You can solve these problems simply by adjusting certain settings on your television. Sometimes you need assistance also. To get any kind of assistance, call Sony TV Toll Free No. 1800 103 7799.


It is a good idea to go into each of these steps slowly. Try out different configurations until you find one that works, before moving on to another. Once you have done all these, try watching some of your favorite shows again. If everything looks great, you are ready for a restful night of sleep. If not, you might want to try changing each setting again.


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