If a Person Deletes a Conversation with Some Person, will this Person Still See Old Messages on Badoo?

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Badoo is a popular social networking platform that facilitates communication and connection between individuals. One common concern users have is whether deleting a conversation with someone on Badoo will remove all traces of the conversation, including old messages.

In this article, we will explore how Badoo handles message deletion and shed light on whether deleted conversations are permanently erased or still accessible to the other person involved.

Understanding Message Deletion on Badoo: When a user deletes a conversation with another person on Badoo, it is important to note that the platform’s policies and features determine the outcome of this action. Badoo does provide the option to delete conversations, but the implications of this action may vary.

1. Deletion from the user’s account

Deleting a conversation on Badoo typically removes the conversation from the user’s account. This means that the user will no longer see the conversation in their message history or have access to any messages exchanged within that conversation. From the user’s perspective, it appears as if the conversation has been completely erased.

2. Visibility to the other person

However, it is essential to understand that deleting a conversation does not guarantee the permanent removal of messages from the other person’s account.

The other person involved in the conversation may still have access to the old messages, even after the conversation has been deleted by one party. This means that they can still see and refer to the messages exchanged during that conversation.

3. Data Retention Policies on Badoo

Badoo, like many other social networking platforms, may have data retention policies in place. These policies dictate the duration for which user data, including messages, is retained on the platform’s servers.

While Badoo’s specific data retention policies may not be publicly disclosed, it is common for platforms to retain user data for a certain period, even after deletion.

4. Privacy Considerations and Recommendations

Users should be aware that deleting a conversation on Badoo does not guarantee the complete removal of messages from the recipient’s account. To ensure greater privacy and control over their conversations, users can consider the following recommendations:

  1. Open communication: If privacy is a concern, it is essential to communicate openly with the other person involved. Discuss the importance of deleting messages and come to an agreement on how both parties will handle message retention and deletion.
  2. Regularly delete conversations: To minimize the risk of old messages being accessible, users can proactively delete conversations on a regular basis. By regularly clearing their message history, users can reduce the chances of sensitive or private information being retained on the platform.
  3. Contact Badoo support: If users have specific concerns about data retention or need further clarification on Badoo’s policies, they can reach out to Badoo’s customer support for assistance. The support team should be able to provide more information and guidance on message deletion and data retention practices.


While deleting a conversation on Badoo removes it from the user’s account, it may not guarantee the permanent removal of messages from the other person’s account.

Users should consider the privacy implications and communicate with the other person involved to establish mutual expectations regarding message deletion. Regularly deleting conversations and contacting Badoo support for clarification can further enhance privacy and data control.

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