Solutions To PLDT telephone not working

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PLDT, Inc., formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is a Philippine telecommunication, internet, and digital service holdings company.

It is one of the country’s major telecommunications providers, along with Globe Telecom and the startup Dito Telecommunity.

Recently some users faced a PLTD telephone issue, I know the solution so decided to write on this topic to solve the issue.

Solution To my PLDT telephone not working

Check Cable

Make sure there are no loose or damaged threads. Make sure both ends of the phone cord are firmly connected to the phone unit and the phone jack of the splitter.

If you are using a cordless phone, make sure the phone’s battery is fully charged. Check that the ring is turned on and the volume is increased.


First, restart the modem and see if that helps. Rebooting the landline helps solve various issues.

If not, make sure there is no fixed line termination in your area.

Contact/ Report the problem

If you are having problems with your internet/landline connection or want to join a service request, you can contact our customer support channel at


How do I fix my landline with no dial tone?

To do this, unplug your phone modem (and router, if you have one) from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait a few minutes for it to restart. This should fix the problem and give you a ringtone.


Hope this post is helpful and that you get help to solve Grameenphone SMS not receiving or sending.

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