All Short Codes for Teletalk Sim

All Short Codes for Teletalk Sim

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited DBA Teletalk is the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE, 5G based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh that started operating in 2004. As in August 2021, Teletalk has a subscriber base of 6.27 million. It also provides a wide range of Digital Services.

Short codes are shortened set of numbers that can be used to do some specific task by using codes. They are typically five or six digits in length and are used by individuals to to access some features quickly and shows all the essential details about your mobile phone, including recently used apps, battery percentage, and more advanced information.

There are some Short codes available for Teletalk sim which you can use to access different sim services to check balance, SMs service, Ongoing pack details, etc.

Few days I was in Bangladesh and I was using teletalk sim but I was Unable to send Text SMS or Receiving Using TeleTalk sim, so I have written a dedicated post don’t hat isuee don’t forget to read that too.

All USSD Code for Teletalk Sim

Balance Check : *152#
Emergency 10tk: *8666*2#
Show SIM Number : *551# Package Check:Type “Tar” send to 222
Minute Balance Check: *152#
SMS Check: *152#
MMS Check: *152#
Data (MB) Check: *152#
Barring Incoming Call On *35*0000#, Off: #35*0000#
Barring Outgoing Call On: *33*0000#, Off: #33*0000#
Call Divert On: *21*Number#, Off: #21#
Call Waiting On: *43#, Off: #43#
Net Setting Request: Type “SET” & Send to 738
Miss Call Alert (On): Type “REG” & Send to 2455
Miss Call Alert (Off): Type “CAN” & Send to 2455
Service: Dial 1234.

There is also a supper useful USSD code *#*#4636#*#* which can easily use for accessing your phone battery, touch, IMEI, SMSC and other information.

How do I check my balance?

To check your balance you can give a missed call on 1800 274 0110 (toll-free) from your registered mobile number and you will receive an SMS with your account balance. Additionally, you can also click here to check your balance.

Another thing you can try is dialing *152# on your dial pad to check your balance. Also you can check your balance by Downloading official Teletalk appp on your device.

Teletalk Internet Balance Check

  1. First Open Your Mobile dial pad.
  2. Then Dial *152#.
  3. Check Your Teletalk Internet Balance.
  4. Or go to your mobile message option.
  5. Then write ‘u’ and send an SMS to 111 (free of charge)
  6. Check Easily Teletalk Internet balance.
  7. Or you can download Teletalk app.
  8. Then Login with the same number.
  9. Now you can check your internet balance.

How to check my own Teletalk number?

  • First Open Your Mobile dial pad.
  • Then Dial *551#.
  • Now you will see your sim number.

How can I know my Teletalk Oporajita Internet Balance?

To check Teletalk Oporajita Internet Balance you can send “U” SMS to 111 number which willrespond with the SMS showing your Teletalk Oporajita Internet Balance.

How can I get free Teletalk minutes?

Many people ask How to buy teletalk minutes? Teletalk minute offer for most of operator, teletalk oporajita minute offer 2023, teletalk minute code 2023, to activate Teletalk 500 minutes offer dial *111287# or SMS “M287” send 111. Both Teletalk minute bundle packages can use any local number.

How can I activate teletalk 4G?

TO activate 4G on your number there is 4G Activation code of Teletalk 4G: For this, you need to write ‘4G’ and send it to 111 number to activate 4G on Teletalk.

How can I buy Teletalk Bornomala Internet?

You have to send the Shortcode of Teletalk Bornomala packages to 111 number. On the return SMS, the package will be activated. What is the shortcode of Bornomala Internet packages? The short codes of the packages are given in the bracket.

To buy teletalk Bornomala Internet you have to send shortcode of teletalk Bornomala packages to 111 number. Then they will send you a sms within minutes, informing you about activation of service.

teletalk Bornomala Internet

Teletalk Offer Check Code

Teletalk Recharge Offer Code

Teletalk Recharge Offer Codes are given below so that you can get them easily from this article.

Volume PriceValidityUSSD Activation
10 GBTk.30130 Days*111*550#
20 GBTk.49830 Days*111*552#
30 GB Tk.64930 Days*111*553#
45 GBTk.84930 Days*111*554#

Teletalk Internet Offer Check Code

Teletalk Internet Offer Check Codes given below in the table.

VolumePriceValidity USSD Activation
1.5 GBTk.397 Days*111*513#
3.5 GBTk.7810 Days*111*511#
3 GBTk.13930 Days*111*531#
5 GBTk.20130 Days*111*532#

Teletalk Minute Offer Check Code

Teletalk Minute Check Codes are available here:

MinutePriceactivation code
12+15 SMS+50 Mb(smile)10*111*101#
50+50 SMS+500 Mb(smile)50*111*102#
175+97 SMS (Oporajita)101*111*1010#
100+100 SMS+1Gb(smile)100*111*103#

Final Words

Hope you loved the article and got the information you needed about offer code, recharge code, balnce chek code, etc of teletalk sim.

If you have any doubts or want to ask questions then do ask in the comment section below.

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