Working Solutions to PLDT high ping Issue

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Recently a few months ago and a player who tried to play games using a PLTD connection was facing a lot of issues. Their ping was above 100 (normal is <40).

So I tried to find the cause and solution to this issue and today in this post I am going to share my experience with you guys. I also observe some people saying any people complain My internet connection doesn’t lag when I use my Fibre/DSL service.

Working Solutions to PLDT high ping Issue

Check Cable

Make sure there are no loose or damaged threads. Make sure both ends of the cord are firmly connected to the Router/ modem and the PC.

If you are using a Router to get Wi-Fi, make sure the Wi-Fi is working properly. Check if is anyone using Wifi to download stuff from the internet. For additional security, you can change your WiFi password regularly to avoid unauthorized users.

Turn your modem OFF for 5 minutes and then back ON. After restarting, try reconnecting to the internet.

Device Optimisation

Optimize your device by following these tips:

  • Remove unnecessary apps or apps running in the background
  • Turn off automatic synchronization
  • Turn off the movie
  • Update your app regularly

Contact/ Report the problem

If you are having problems with your internet connection or want to join a service request, you can contact our customer support channel at

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How do I fix PLDT lag?

Only one device needs should be connected to your internet. Select the nearest PLDT server in your area. Remove unnecessary apps or apps running in the background. Turn off automatic synchronization. Turn off the movie.
Update your app regularly.


Hope this post is helpful and that you get help to solve your PLTD issues related to high ping.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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