How To Solve Realme Phone Sim Card Not Working

How To Solve Realme Phone Sim Card Not Working

Realme is one of the smartphone brands in India. Realme has been getting unrest in charging innovation, best design, and best display in the budget, and this is simply one more illustration of minimalizing on giving customers the best of innovation. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that issues, everything being equal, can’t show up, including those connected with the SIM card. 

Despite how far mobile phone innovation has come, making and receiving calls is the main function of any mobile phone. When your telephone shows the message “Sim card not recognized”, it implies you cannot use your SIM card on your mobile phone. 

The circumstances could be disappointing when the sim does not work, and a quick fix will be required. In this article, we are going to look at the fixes for the SIM card not working on Realme devices

Realme Phone Sim Card Common Issues

Realme is one of the new smartphone brands that has made its name in the market. There are common issues that users have found using Realme devices such as random shutdowns, overheating processors, faulty batteries, and SIM cards not working in their devices. Let’s look at the fixes regarding the SIM card not working issue. 

How To Solve Realme Phone Sim Card Not Working

1. Utilize the right SIM card 

Realme terminals work with standard nano-SIM cards. You shouldn’t utilize a non-standard SIM or cut the card physically. These cuts can make the SIM unrecognizable by the gadget, or even harm the internal reader.  It is in this manner prescribed to utilize the SIM provided by the operator.

2. Ensure that the SIM card is clean

A SIM card with quite a long-term usage can gather specific soil that makes it hard for the gadget to read. For this situation, we should clean the outer layer of the chip with liquor or any cleaner. If while re-embedding it accurately it isn’t distinguished, we might require another one.

3. Make sure that your SIM card is activated

This change should be made inside the terminal’s settings, by going to Settings and then selecting the option of SIM card. After you have clicked on the option of SIM card, select the option of Activate.  We should ensure that the switch is initiated, if not, then your smartphone device will have the request not recognising the SIM card.

On the off chance that the smartphone doesn’t perceive a SIM card also, then the issue is with the SIM. To start with, address your network service provider to affirm assuming that the SIM is active.  Likewise, ask if the SIM card enrollment is appropriately finished.

Check if the golden points of the SIM card are not damaged. On the off chance that you see any residue or carbon over it, clean it with a piece of delicate cotton fabric. Be that as it may, ensure you don’t scratch it. Else, you might wind up causing more harm to the SIM card.

4. Check the position of your SIM card and Tray

Our Realme smartphone accompanies a manual that shows the right place of the SIM card. It is common to put it incorrectly, so the gadget can not recognize it. We can likewise attempt to eliminate the SD card and spot just the SIM card to check whether it is recognized or not by our device.

The method of insertion

How we present the SIM card and how is likewise significant. That is, Realme suggests that the card be embedded into the Smartphone when it is switched off. So assuming it is on, we press the power button and snap the switch off.  Insert the SIM card, turn on the terminal and try once more.

Check your SIM card on other devices

To check whether the sim card is active or not. You can find another device to insert the SIM card into another device. Assuming that this is recognized, the issue will be in our terminal, and perhaps in the sim card space, which might have been harmed. For this situation, we will just need to demand specialized help to complete the corresponding issue.

5. Enable the settings of the SIM card

Have a check of your device’s SIM card settings. The first step to check is to go to the device settings. The next step is to click on the mobile network option. Under SIM Card data and Settings, click on the SIM card option and toggle the enable option. Likewise, ensure that data roaming is ON to stay away from this issue when you’re in a roaming area.

6. Clear the cache of your SIM card application

At the point when you face the issue of “SIM card not identified”, deleting out cache data could demonstrate a successful solution. It can eliminate the junk data which might be creating issues for your device behavior and activity.

7. Restart your mobile phone 

A straightforward reboot can fix most gadget issues, which may likewise help in this situation. Your gadget memory could cause a glitch in your device software that forestalls your SIM card from being recognized. Various individuals have revealed that the issue can be fixed by rebooting your device.

8. Change your SIM card network mode to the auto-connect option

On the off chance that the mistake of  “No SIM card” happens, your device might attempt to interface with any suitable network, regardless of whether it implies that the data service is not enabled. 

Assuming that you change the network mode of your device to the Auto-connect network option, then the device may have the option to interface with networks intended for cellular connections such as 3G or 4G. This ought to tackle most issues interfacing with a network and reestablishing the SIM card network.

If you still cannot fix the issue of the SIM card not working on your device, then you can visit your network provider service center to fix this issue. 


Hope you got the solution to this issue, we shared some fixes to the problem of Realme SIM cards not working on smartphone devices.

If you still have problems then do comment down we will try to reply to your comment as early as possible.

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