Fixes to UPI Network Problem While Making Transactions


UPI is an instant real-time payment system which is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. The introduction of UPI payments has helped people all over the country to make transactions easily and without any hassle.

The abbreviation UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. The UPI interface works by facilitating interbank peer-to-peer as well as person-to-merchant transactions within the country. It can also help the user self-transfer from one account to another.

With the help of UPI, people can pay their bills, book their home necessities, and even pay transfer funds to bank accounts. 

Common Issues While Making Payments using UPI

Common issues using a UPI ID includes the limitation of transaction per day. Users cannot transfer funds in foreign countries and have UPI network issues while making payments. Due to poor connection of UPI or UPI id network is slow.

It Does not work and for maintenance purposes sometimes the server of your bank goes down, so the transaction cannot be made in this situation people search Is the UPI server down today? Due to many people using UPI ID for transactions, the server gets overloaded which makes the website or application lag. In this article, we are going to resolve the issue of the UPI ID network not working while making payments.

Many times people report UPI network is running slow on PhonePe, GPay, Paytm, BHIM UPI, etc. Amongst them, the Phonepe UPI network problem is most commonly reported.

Other than this issue similar issues are there which say the UPI network is currently running slow at our partner banks. please try after some time & the UPI network is running slow at the receiver’s bank.

Fixes to UPI Network Problem While Making Transactions

1. The server is busy or down, so have patience for some time

Most people make transactions every day through UPI ID, so sometimes the website or the application server is busy or down due to overload, so the best option is to have patience and wait for some time.

The site may undergo maintenance due to such problems. Do not make any transaction if you see that the server is down because it will make the transaction halt and the transfer of funds might be very slow. Also make sure that if you are using an application to make UPI payments, it is updated to the latest version. 

2. The UPI website is under maintenance mode

If the website is unreachable, it will show a message that the website is under maintenance. So make sure you refresh the website page after some time before making any transactions. Make sure you are having a strong internet connection and enter the correct UPI password to make the transactions successful.

An incorrect UPI password might get your account blocked. When the site is under maintenance mode, make sure to never make a transaction or do the self-transfer through UPI networks. 

3. Make sure to update the application to the latest version

There are changes made in the UPI monetary transactions sometimes, so it is necessary to update the UPI network application to the latest version.

It ensures that the application is safe to use. Updating the application makes us aware of the changes and features of the application. Updating the application makes it easy for the user to connect to the servers.

If an individual is using an old version, they might be vulnerable to many online exploits. All the necessary personal information might get in the wrong hands and be misused for illegal purposes. So it is essential to always update the application.

4. Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection before making any UPI payments. The network signal of your SIM card should be strong as well the speed of your internet connection is fast.

If you are making a transaction in a remote place make sure your SIM card signal is strong because if the network signal is poor you might face many problems while making the transactions. It is one of the most common issues faced by every UPI network user.

Due to an internet connection issue, the transactions might get halted, or they will show a pending status. Most of the time, the transaction fails, and the user gets the funds back to their account within a week. 

5. Restart your mobile device

Restarting your device will also help with the UPI network issue. After restarting the device launch the UPI application again and if it still does not work then edit your bank account in the settings of your application depending upon the application you are using and click on forget UPI pin and enter the debit card number and the expiry date again to create a new UPI pin.

Then enter the OTP to get the SMS code and enter it to start UPI network ID again. After making the UPI network account again, check whether the UPI transactions are working or not.

6. Update your device

Ensure that your mobile device is updated to the latest version, depending upon the operating system an individual uses.

The device you used should be compatible with the latest update of the UPI application, otherwise, you cannot use the latest features of the UPI on your device.

If the device you are using is not compatible with the latest update of the UPI, the application might lag or cannot be used by the user. So make sure that the device you are using supports the UPI application. 

7. Check GPS settings 

This is one of the most essential and useful features every user must enable while making payments online through the UPI network application. GPS helps to locate the location of the device user and makes it easy to connect to your bank servers when making payments at different places.

It helps to make the transaction faster. If the GPS is not enabled on your device, then it might cause trouble with slow transactions. Make sure your mobile device is not in airplane mode because it shuts the SIM card and wireless network around you and does not allow making any type of transaction through your mobile devices.

8. Do not use a VPN while making UPI transactions

Make sure you do not use a VPN network when doing transactions through UPI networks on websites because a domain name is required to identify your device’s IP address to know the details of the transactions.

Enabling a VPN network for doing UPI payments can cause problems with failed transactions. Every user must clear their DNS cache so that the website grabs the most recent cache through your ISP.

UPI network issue Hindi Meaning

UPI आईडी का उपयोग करने वाली सामान्य समस्याओं में प्रति दिन लेन-देन की सीमा शामिल है। उपयोगकर्ता विदेशों में फंड ट्रांसफर नहीं कर सकते हैं और भुगतान करते समय यूपीआई नेटवर्क की समस्या है। UPI या UPI के खराब कनेक्शन के कारण आईडी नेटवर्क धीमा है।

यह काम नहीं करता है और रखरखाव के उद्देश्य से कभी-कभी आपके बैंक का सर्वर डाउन हो जाता है, इसलिए इस स्थिति में लेन-देन नहीं किया जा सकता है लोग खोजते हैं कि क्या आज UPI सर्वर डाउन है? कई लोग लेन-देन के लिए UPI आईडी का उपयोग करते हैं, सर्वर ओवरलोड हो जाता है जिससे वेबसाइट या एप्लिकेशन लैग हो जाता है। इस लेख में, हम भुगतान करते समय यूपीआई आईडी नेटवर्क के काम नहीं करने की समस्या का समाधान करने जा रहे हैं।

कई बार लोग रिपोर्ट करते हैं कि PhonePe, GPay, Paytm, BHIM UPI आदि पर UPI नेटवर्क धीमा चल रहा है। उनमें से, Phonepe UPI नेटवर्क की समस्या सबसे अधिक बताई गई है।


We have shared most of the possible solutions which can potentially solve most of the problems related to UPI network issues.

Hope you got value from this post, if we have missed some points then you can suggest them to people visiting this page in the comment section.

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