If I Unfriend Someone on Snapchat, Will He Know?

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In this social networking era, Snapchat stands out for its commitment to privacy and user control. With features that keep your friends list invisible and allow for granular account management, Snapchat is at the top of providing a secure online environment.

One common query among users is always there that is about removing someone from your Snapchat and not hurting that person at the same time. Today, we will try to explain this scenario of unfriending on Snapchat and explain the result of such actions.

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Is the Unfriended Snapchat User Notified?

Snapchat, unlike some other platforms, respects your privacy when it comes to unfriending someone. Much like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t notify the person you’ve removed, which is good for users who are Unfriending someone. The unfriended individual remains un-notified of the change unless they actively investigate or attempt to interact with you on Snapchat like sharing a snap with you.

The Unfriending Process: What Happens?

When you remove or unfriend someone from your Snapchat, several actions and consequences occur, affecting your interaction with that particular user on Snapchat. Here’s a breakdown of what I observed:

  1. Disappearance from Friends List:
    • The person you remove will no longer appear on your Friends list.
  2. Invisibility on Snap Map:
    • They lose the ability to view your location on the Snap Map.
  3. Conversation History Vanishes:
    • Your entire conversation history with the unfriended person is removed from your account.
  4. Access to Stories and Cameos Selfies (Depending on Preferences):
    • Depending on your privacy settings, the person may no longer have access to your stories and Cameos Selfies.
  5. Snapchat Points (Snapscore) Inaccessibility:
    • Your Snapchat points, also known as Snapscore, become unavailable to the person you unfriended.
  6. Pending Status for Snaps:
    • If there was an active conversation, any Snaps they send after being unfriended will be in a ‘Pending’ status until you add them back.
  7. Limited Profile Information:
    • Even if the person searches for you, a significant portion of your profile becomes inaccessible to them.
  8. No Automatic Removal from Their Friends List:
    • Removing someone from your friend list does not automatically remove you from theirs. They retain the conversation history with a message indicating they cannot send you messages until you add them back again.

Reconnecting: Adding Someone Back

If you decide to re-establish the connection again and add the person to the friend list, you can do so by searching for their username. Once found, tapping the ‘Add’ button under the ‘Add Friends‘ banner restores them to your friend list.

At the time of removing someone from your Snapchat, it doesn’t send any notification or hint that you unfriended someone, but it does send a notification when you add them back. This may reveal or indicate that you previously unfriended them.

Retrieving Snaps and Text History After Reconnection

Snaps sent during the time you were unfriended appear as pending. When you add the person back to your friend list allows you to retrieve these pending Snaps. Similarly, your conversation history also reappears, seamlessly picking up from where you left off.


What is the Difference between Unfriending & Blocking?

Unfriending is a silent action compared to the act of blocking. While unfriending removes the person from your friends list, inbox, and Snap Map, blocking creates a more definitive separation.
You and the blocked person exist in separate Snapchat realms, unable to search for each other or exchange Snaps. Although Snapchat doesn’t send notifications for either action, blocking is a more direct action than simply unfriending.

If I delete someone on Snapchat, am I still on their list?

Yes, removing someone from your Snapchat list does not automatically remove you from theirs.

Can you get the Snaps sent during your timeout?

Yes, pending Snaps sent during the timeout become accessible when you add the person back to your friend list.

Will you get your text history back after you re-add them?

Yes, re-adding someone restores your conversation history, allowing you to pick up from where you left off.

Final Words

Snapchat is known for its innovation and robust privacy features, which empower users with control over their social connections.

Hope you got to know the scenario of removing a friend on Snapchat, Will Friend know? If you have any doubts or questions do ask us.

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