Solutions To Jio Phone Next Touch Not Working

Solutions To Jio Phone Next Touch Not Working

In case, once in a while, you will see that the Jio Screen touch not working & the screen is stuck and doesn’t move after a few swipes. It’s conceivable that the showcase could have harmed you, that is the reason you are confronting screen problems on your Jio Phone Next device.

Some common concerns faced by users when using a Jio Phone Next device are screen lagging issues, touch issues, and display screen issues. In this article, we are going to look at the fixes to the Jio Phone Next Touch Problems and Screen-related issues. A few days back we have also written about Wi-Fi issues in Jio Phone Next.

Jio Phone Next Touch Problem/Screen not working properly

1. Do not run any background applications

It is not always advisable to run background applications on a smartphone to solve Jio Phone touch issues. In some cases, if you have too many apps running in the background can cause the Jio Phone Next to become slow and unresponsive, which can actually make touch issues worse.

Additionally, some apps may not be optimized for touch screens and can cause input to be registered incorrectly or not at all. So to solve Jio Phone touch issues don’t let multiple applications run in the background.

2. Reboot your smartphone 

Doing a reboot to Jio Phone Next will fix numerous issues. To do it you can hold the power button and volume up button for 10–15 seconds. Your portable device will turn off and on and again don’t worry it will not damage your phone system.

It is a reboot that will fix assuming you touch any other issues too. It works perfectly on the off chance that it works for you.

3. Clear your device storage data 

Individuals usually download songs, web series, movies, and applications that are bigger and take up a large amount of your Jio Phone’s internal storage.  When the device is in low storage, its consequences result in slow execution of tasks, regardless of whether you have fewer applications. Likewise, attempt to clear the cache off all the applications on your device.

When you clear the space, the normal work of apps will be smooth and you will see fewer Jio phone screen and touch issues.

4. Do not use your device while it is in charge 

It’s become a normal thing for the overwhelming majority of people who utilize Jio Phone by interfacing with chargers. Users that use their smartphones for heavy tasks while on charge will damage their batteries and their long-term execution it creates pressure on the processor and results in Touch & lag issues in Jio Phone.

As we know, while charging there is an electricity flow in all the parts of the device, and it affects and may damage the screen reaction because of the electricity flow. Accordingly, we feel a lag or multi-touch problem or a slow device response issue. To fix this issue, Please don’t use a smartphone while charging.

5. Update Applications

Updating your Jio Phone Next applications will not only improve performance but also work faster. You need to enable the option of auto-update in the Play Store application on your mobile device. Enabling this feature will by default update all the applications once they get any updates.

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6. Remove the quality-less screen protector

Removing a low-quality screen protector can be an effective solution for solving touch issues on a Jio Phone Next. Screen protectors that are not made to the device’s specifications can sometimes interfere with the touch screen’s functionality, causing it to become unresponsive or to register input incorrectly.

By removing the low-quality screen protector, you can ensure that the touch screen is able to function properly and that input is registered correctly.

7. Reach Jio Service Center

If the problem of Screen and touch issues persists then approaching the Jio Phone Next Service center near you is the best option. If the Smartphone is under warranty & you have been lucky then you will get a free replacement of your screen.


The above-mentioned are all the fixes to the Jio Phone Next touch problems. These fixes are easy to use and effective. It will help you to make your device more responsive. Use all the above methods mentioned to see which one works for your device.

If any of these methods work for your device it will save you the trouble of spending money to fix this problem.  If all of the above methods do not work then you may need to repair it from a mobile repair shop. 

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