Fix: Unity “You are currently offline” error

Unity You are currently offline error

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, first announced and released in June 2005 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference as a Mac OS X game engine. The engine has since been gradually extended to support a variety of desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms.

Three days back I was trying to download some assets on Unity it was saying “You are currently offline – You must be online in order to download content from the Asset Store. Existing downloaded content may still be imported into the current project.”

I was successful to solve this issue and in this post, I am going to share those solution tips with you. So do read till the end.

Reasons behind Unity “You are currently offline” error

Many users after downloading asses from the Assets store reported that they are getting errors. When they launch the unity asset account from your device it says “You are currently offline” even though your internet may be working fine.

Fix: Unity “You are currently offline” error

1. VPN/ Proxy/ firewall

You may have a firewall or VPN activated, which can block the connection to the servers. To disable VPN proxy or check VPN proxy status follow the steps given below according to your device OS.

Windows 10:
  1. Go to ‘Settings’ 
  2. Click ‘Network & Internet’
  3. Click ‘Proxy’ on the left side menu
  4. Ensure all switches are set to ‘Off’
Mac OS:
  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Network.
  2. In the list, select the network service you use — for example, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  3. Click Advanced, then click Proxies.
  4. De-select all applicable settings.

If you are using any third-party VPN then you should stop it your problem may get resolved.

2. Anti-virus

In addition to the above, some anti-virus software can also interrupt the connection to the Unity servers. Ensure you have whitelisted ‘‘ in your settings and are using the latest Unity Hub version (if applicable).

3. Logout

(1) Log out of your Unity account:

Go To “Unity” menu -> click on “$$anonymous$$anage License” -> Click on “$$anonymous$$y Account” -> Click on “Sign out”.

(2) Then exit the Unity application.

(3) Relaunch Unity.

(4) Try to log on to your Unity account again.

Next, try to access the Unity store again. Be very patient and wait for 2 or 3 $$anonymous$$utes, then the internet connection will be established, and everything will be fine.

Sometimes, I have to repeat this procedure 2 times to make it work.

4. Troubleshoot Internet

Sometimes there may be a true internet issue that you may not be able to recognize. So just try to troubleshoot your internet.

To do this just try to turn on Aeroplane mode for a few seconds. then try to use Unity. Or try to connect to a different network if available.


We have researched and explained the best possible Fix: Unity “You are currently offline” error. Hope this post helps you to solve this problem. Don’t forget to share your experience related to this problem.

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